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Applies to 3-year US membership. Does not apply to family, student, life, or other memberships. Use code GIL1 when you join or renew for 3-years at

Membership Levels

Make the most of your ARRL membership -- Join for 3 years and save!

Dues rates as of January 1, 2016:



1 Year

2 Years

3 Years


Monthly QST via standard mail for US members




US OTA Monthly On the Air via standard mail for US members $49 $95 $140

QST- First Class

Monthly QST via first class mail for US members




International + print QST

Monthly QST via standard mail for international members





Digital magazines only





No receipt of magazine: requires a one-time signed and dated statement of Legal Blindness.





Must reside with primary member and have corresponding  membership dates; no extra copies of print magazine




Diamond Club    

 Get extra benefits





Must be 26-years-old or younger. Please call ARRL directly to join or renew under this level. 1-888-277-5289 (Toll-free US only) M-TH 8am-7pm ETF 8am- 5pm.




ARRL Life Memberships
(download a life membership application now)
US                                                                    $1225
International                                                     $1900
International- Digital Only                                $1225
Blind                                                                 $250
Family                                                               $250

Available June 1, 2020.  Download a life 70+ membership application now.
U.S. Life 70+ Membership                                                                $750
International Digital Life 70+ Membership                                        $750
International Life 70+ Membership with a Print Subscription          $1,515

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Get even more benefits.  Join the ARRL Diamond Club.

Membership includes $21 per year for magazine subscriptions.  Dues subject to change without notice and are nonrefundable.


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