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Whether you're interested in public service, making friends, or expanding your knowledge, ARRL members enjoy ham radio to the fullest!
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ARRL Benefits

  • Discover the benefits of joining ARRL

    Click on a membership benefit below to learn more about what ARRL has to offer. 

  • QST

    Get QST, your monthly membership journal, delivered to your doorstep or desktop -- QST is the source for news and information on Amateur Radio. Here's some of what you'll find every month:

    • Informative product reviews of the newest radios and accessories
    • A monthly conventions and hamfest calendar
    • A public service column that keeps you up to date on the public service efforts hams are providing around the country and shows you how you can join in this satisfying aspect of our hobby
    • Eclectic Technology, a monthly column that covers emerging Amateur Radio and commercial technology
    • A broad spectrum of articles -- challenging topics to straightforward, easy-to-understand projects

    Members also get preferred subscription rates for QEX, the ARRL Forum for Communications Experimenters.

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  • On the Air Magazine – New!

    Get active and involved in radio communications

    On the Air is ARRL’s magazine for new and beginner-to-intermediate-level radio amateurs. Each issue will introduce you to topics that will help you get more experience in the areas of:

                Radio technology


                Project building


                Emergency communications
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  • Members-Only Web Services

    Find information and services not available anywhere else!


    QST, On the Air, QEX and NCJ  Digital Editions


    In addition to receiving a magazine by mail each month, members now have digital access to four ARRL magazines.  Joining QST and On the Air on a digital platform will be the bimonthly editions of QEX — The Forum for Communications Experimenters and NCJ — National Contest Journal. QEX includes articles, columns, and other features ranging from construction projects to more advanced technical information in radio theory and practice. NCJ targets radio amateurs active in radiosport, and includes scores, technical articles, contributions from top contesters, and advice for radiosport enthusiasts alike.

    ARRL’s digital magazine editions provide replicas of the printed editions with added functionality, allowing users to fully search issues, enlarge pages, share articles, and more. All four are easily accessible through any web browser from members-only links. The free ARRL Magazines app also supports downloading complete issues for offline reading. It is available for iOS and Android in the Apple App Store and Google Play.  Members must have a valid ARRL website login to access the current digital and archived editions.

    QST Archive and Periodical Search
    Search for QST articles 1915-2011 and indexes for QEX, NCJ, and Ham Radio. Note: Individual QEX, Ham Radio, and NCJ articles are not available online. QST issues 2012-present are available through the digital QST archive.

    FREE E-Newsletters
    Join today and subscribe to a bunch of FREE e-newsletters: ham radio news, radio clubs, public service, contesting and more!

    Product Review Archive
    Get copies of any QST Product Review column from 1980 to the present.

    ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service
    E-mail sent to your address will be forwarded to the e-mail account you specify. To sign up for an address, go to your profile and select the Edit Account tab and select the check box that says "Opt-in to have a <username> email alias."

    • ARRL Member Directory
    Connect with other ARRL members via a searchable online Member Directory.  Share profiles, photos, and more with members who have similar interests. 

  • FCC License Renewal - FREE for ARRL Members

    License modifications/changes and renewals will be processed for FREE for current ARRL members as part of your membership services. See "File Via Mail to ARRL" at

  • Outgoing QSL Service

    Let us be your mail carrier and handle your overseas QSLing chores. The savings you accumulate through this service alone can pay your membership dues many times over. And, if you’re part of the Diamond Club at the gold level or above, this service is FREE!

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  • Continuing Education

    Take courses to help you prepare to pass your license exam, upgrade, learn more about Amateur Radio activities or train for emergency communications or public service. ARRL also offers hundreds of books, CDs and videos on the technical, operating and licensing facets of Amateur Radio.

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  • ARRL as an Advocate

    ARRL supports legislation in Washington, D.C. that preserves and protects access to existing Amateur Radio frequencies as a natural resource for the enjoyment of all hams. As a member, you contribute to the efforts to preserve our privileges.

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  • Regulatory Information Branch

    ARRL's Regulatory Information Branch provides information on FCC and regulatory questions; problems with antenna, tower and zoning restrictions; and reciprocal licensing procedures.

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  • Public Relations for Amateur Radio

    ARRL has built a national PR program designed to represent Amateur Radio to government, the media and the public. ARRL public relations tools include: news releases, fact sheets, brochures and much more.

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  • ARRL Field Organization

    Be part of a League tradition and join a select group of ARRL Volunteers serving your fellow Radio Amateurs and the public.

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  • ARRL-sponsored contests

    Amateur Radio contesting appeals to a ham’s competitive nature—winning awards, certificates and plaques. Contesting is a great way to increase operator proficiency as well as to advance the state-of-the-art. Contesters have developed digital communication protocols and leading-edge logging software. Get in on the fun with ARRL-sponsored contests and awards!

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  • Operating Awards

    The ARRL administers some of the most popular operating awards. You can increase your operating proficiency while you find out about the history and culture of places you've only dreamed of visiting. These awards are free to Diamond Club members who participate at the gold level or above.

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  • Local Clubs

    Find an ARRL-affiliated Amateur Radio club in your local area. Connect with local hams for ham radio activities and to learn from radio amateurs who have a variety of interests.

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  • Amateur Radio Emergency Service

    ARRL members get discounts on emergency communications training courses and have access to a variety of other resources to help you develop and maintain the skills you need to effectively perform public service communications. ARRL members can also sign up to receive the FREE ARES Letter, a monthly newsletter via email filled with news for public service volunteers.
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  • Hamfests and Conventions

    Find hamfests and conventions near you. Learn more about ham radio by attending forums and presentations, meet other hams and buy new or used equipment.

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  • Volunteer Examiner Coordinator Program

    You can play a role in maintaining the integrity of the long tradition of Amateur Radio examination and licensing by becoming an ARRL Volunteer Examiner. Volunteer Examiners (VEs) are individuals accredited by a Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) who administer ham radio licensing and upgrading exams.

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